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Class Description

Ballet Is the foundation of all dance. Students are highly encouraged to study it first along with other forms of dance.
Tap Develops rhythm, musicality, and coordination. Dancers will practice rhythmic patterns and combinations with tap shoes.
Combination Classes These classes are Ballet & Tap for younger dancers. This class is one hour long wit 30 minutes of ballet instruction and the other 30 minutes of tap instruction. This class keeps the younger dancer stimulated and motivated to learn the fundamentals of dance and prepare them for the upper level classes. Combination classes are offered up to the 4th grade.
Creative Movement Geared to the development of imagination, motor skills, rhythm, coordination, body awareness, and the ability to relate to music. It will also cover the basic skills of dance.
Hip Hop Structured form of street dance often found in music videos. It is designed to teach coordination, strength, quickness, agility, and endurance.
Jazz/Drill Precision form of jazz. It focuses on technique with precision and placement. This style of Jazz is for dancers who aspire to be on drill team or dancers who are on drill team or dancers who are on a drill team and want to improve skills. The movement style of drill technique requires precision, placement, strength, and flexibility.
Contemporary Contemporary form of dance that educates the student in terms of moving through space dynamically. Modern dance requires a ballet foundation. Improvisation is also covered in this class.
Leaps & Turns Technique and stretching class that concentrates on flexibility, strengthening, turns and jumps. This class will concentrate on the proper technique of turns and leaps. Different strengthening techniques will be given in the class to improve leaps and turns.
Technique This class is for the dancer who needs to concentrate on their technique and execution of skills. This class is designed to break down the body placement, turnout position, and arm placement in all execution of turns, leaps, and dance combinations.

Class Divisions

3-10 year old dancers Age Appropriate Classes
Level I Beginner Classes
Level II Beginner/Intermediate Classes
Level III Intermediate Classes
Level IV Intermediate/Advanced Classes
Level V Advanced Classes
Adult Classes 18 yrs old and up

Class Attire

Ballet Pink Ballet Shoes and dancewear. Any color and style of dancewear is appropriate.
Tap Black tap shoes and dancewear. Any color and style of dancewear is appropriate.
Hip Hop Anything moveable and comfortable. Tennis shoes or sneakers.
All Other Classes Dance shoes of choice: Lyrical sandals, dance paws, or jazz shoes. Any style or color of dancewear is appropriate.

Tuition and Description for Fall / Spring Studio Classes 2011-2012

Registration Fee: $40.00 per Student
Sibling Registration: $30.00


Fall/Spring Class Rate (Non-Rockette): 1st 1-Hour Class $60.00
Each Additional Class $30.00
* Siblings will get a discount of $10.00 on monthly tuition.
Rockette Fall/Spring Tuition (added to monthly tuition): 1st 1-Hour Class $50.00
2nd 1-Hour Class $35.00
* Siblings do not receive a discount due to already discounted tuition.
Class Attire:  
Rockettes/Technique - Dance clothes, tight fitting top/bottom, dance paws, NO SOCKS!
Ballet - Tight fitting dance clothes, tan/pink tights, ballet shoes.
Tap - Tight fitting dance clothes, tap shoes.
Hip Hop - Tennis shoes, paws, barefoot, no street clothes.
Private Lessons:    
Prices: One Person $30/hour $20 studio fee
  Two People $30/hour $10 each dancer studio fee
Studio Rental (No Teacher):  
Prices: 30 minutes $15.00
  1 hour $25.00
Tuition is due at the first of the month.  After the 5th of the month if tuition has not been paid the account will be charged a $15.00 late fee.  Once an account is one month past due, the student is subject to dismissal from the class.
A Last Month Deposit (per family) of $60.00 is due at the time of registration.  The deposit will be credited back to the account once a 30-day written withdrawal notice is received. These notices are due at the first of the month.


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